June 9, 2016


Mayor James Fouts’ Accomplishments

Since Mayor Jim Fouts took office, the City of Warren has seen major progress and reached some incredible milestones under his leadership.  Mayor Fouts has followed through on many of his key campaign promises and has focused on multiple key areas including economic development, education, civic innovation, reduction in crime and sustainability.

Demolition of an adult bookstore

Crackdown on heroin users and dealers

Neighborhood Watch Program 

Special ceremonies to honor Veterans

Special ceremonies to honor World War II, Korean War & Vietnam Veterans and 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II

Cost Saving Initiatives – Saved the city $30,000 by not using a personal driver and eliminating leased vehicle for Mayor.

Reduced Number of city employees by 27% without layoffs.

Saved over $5 million over 15 years by converting city streetlights to LED

Environmental Conservation Initiatives such as urban gardening in Warren and conservation of monarch waystations.

Reduced maximum heights for uncut grass from 9” to 6”

Community Development Initiatives such as the First Church-Police-City partnership

New Parks and Recreation programs

Began “Annual Tribute to Frank Sinatra” concerts

“Created Ethics Guidelines” – Created Code of Ethics for all appointees

“Honoring the Vets Initiatives”- Laid memorial bricks at Veterans’ Park commemorating veterans

Warren Mayor James Fouts implemented the Efficient Complaint Tracking System – The hotline also records non blight-related complaints that are forwarded to the respective departments via a new system called QAlert; no phone calls need to be made.   The complaints are forwarded by QAlert and checked for follow up on the system.

“Mayor’s Initiatives to Promote Warren” – “Welcome to Warren” signs

New City of Warren TV Warren programs

City of Warren Farmers’ Market

Arbor Day Foundation – Tree City USA Community

Purple Heart City

“School Safety Initiatives”

After School Anti-Violence Program – Van Dyke Schools Initiative corridor

City of Warren School Safety Program implemented after the Sandy Hook tragedy